78 private housing units in Harish.

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Ginot-HaHoresh purchase group. A complex of 78 private houses, among the last available in Harish. Centrally located and close to a spacious green park.

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    What is a Purchase Group?

    A purchase group is an organization of private individuals who purchase real estate to build a housing project together. Ayala Agam advises and supports purchase groups from their inception, as they recruit members and purchase land, through construction, and up until their members receive the keys to their new homes. Working closely with elected representatives of the purchase group, Ayala Agam maintains full transparency and facilitates successful implementation of the project. Among other services, it assists the group in issuing a tender for contractors and helps assess the bids in terms of construction quality and specifications; financial stability of the bidding company; schedules; and price. In order to safeguard the purchase group’s interest and investment, the contractor is required to provide the group with relevant guarantees, commit to a determined schedule and provide proper compensation, including rent fees, in case of delays.