What is TAMA38?

TAMA (National Outline Plan) 38 is a unique Israeli national construction plan for the reinforcement of buildings, constructed before 1980, against earthquakes.

Significant incentives are granted by the government to residents and building contractors who implement the TAMA 38 program. For example, a contractor who reinforces and renovates an entire building according to the required standards has the right to add more floors (and apartments) to the building. By selling these new apartments, the contractor can cover construction and project expenses and make a profit.

TAMA 38/2

The National Outline Plan 38, Amendment 2, allows for demolition of the existing building and construction of a new standards-compliant building in its place. Apartment owners receive a new apartment in place of their old one and the contractor is granted the additional rights and benefits of the TAMA plan.

More on TAMA 38

Excerpt for the IDF Home Front Command website: “Our region has suffered from destructive earthquakes in the past; experts confirm that we can expect similar earthquakes in the future. We must be prepared.”

The collapse of a building is the main cause of injuries and death during earthquakes; therefore, their reinforcement is critical to public safety. International events have shown that proper preparation for earthquakes saves lives. In the words of Dr. Benny Begin, former minister and head of the Israel Geology Survey and chairman of the Inter-Ministry Steering Committee for Earthquake Preparedness in Israel, “Earthquakes do not kill people. It is the buildings that collapse as a result of the earthquakes that kill people. The government can offer incentives through TAMA 38, but ultimately, citizens are responsible for reinforcing their homes.”

In his report on national earthquake preparedness, former State Comptroller Mr. Micha Lindenstrauss stated, “Over 1.2 million people live in buildings that are at-risk during an earthquake. A building that does not comply with building standards is a public danger, even if it is not located in an area that is threatened by earthquakes. A serious earthquake may result in the loss of no less than 16,000 lives.”

Benefits of TAMA 38 for apartment owners and tenants:

A new building complying with modern building standards, protected against earthquake damages.

A luxurious lobby, spacious elevator and underground car park.

A new apartment

In each apartment, the addition of a 12 sqm. reinforced security room (mamad).

An additional room in the apartment.

A sun balcony in each apartment

A sun balcony in each apartment.

High-quality specifications.

A significant (tens of percent) rise in the value of the new apartment.

The full costs of the project (legal counsel; a building inspector on behalf of the property owners; costs of moving to a suitable substitute apartment for the duration of construction; rent; and costs of moving back to the new apartment) are covered by Ayala Agam.

Ayala Agam –the best choice for your TAMA 38 project

Ayala Agam’s proven track record in the field of residential construction has positioned it as a leading construction company in Israel today. Owners and founders Eitan Levy and Jacky Swissa bring to the company their vast knowledge and skills gained from managing and overseeing the construction of thousands of residential housing units for the Israel Defense Forces and the security establishment. Specializing in providing support and services to construction associations (amutot) and purchase groups, Ayala Agam works closely with property representatives to ensure smooth and successful implementation of your TAMA 38/2 project.

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