What is TMA38?

National Outline Plan 38 is for the reinforcement of buildings constructed prior to 1980, in order to strengthen them against collapse in the event of an earthquake.

The objective of the plan: the reinforcement of old buildings and addition of fortified rooms that provide protection against the risk of earthquakes and the threat of missile fire.

In order to advance and encourage the implementation of the program, the government granted significant incentives both to the residents and the building contractors. A contractor who reinforces and renovates an entire building in compliance with the required standard for withstanding earthquakes, shall receive, in return, the rights to build additional stories on the building. The sale of the new apartments on the added stories covers the expenses for reinforcing and renovating the building, and leaves the contractor with a reasonable profit that enables him to execute the project.

TMA 38/2

Under National Outline Plan 38, Amendment 2, the old building will be demolished and a new, standard compliant building will be built in its place. The residents will receive a completely new apartment in place of their old one and the contractor will receive the additional rights granted under the Plan.