About Ayala Agam

The company was duly incorporated in 2009, and to date has built a large number of housing projects spanning thousands of residential units across the country, including in Modi’in, Kiriyat Ono, Rosh Ha’ayin and Akko. The Company’s management has experience in the construction of thousands of housing units as part of the housing projects established by the I.D.F. Housing Administration for career soldiers and personnel from the defence establishment. The Company deals in organising and accompanying purchase groups and building associations as well as in establishing projects across the country. The Company accompanies the groups from the stage of locating the plot of land and up to final delivery of the residence, providing 360∞ support that includes legal, planning, financial and engineering accompaniment for the entire duration of the project. Ayala Agam has proven expertise of hundreds of residential units that have already been delivered to satisfied clients. At the head of Ayala Agam is Jackie Swissa, former Chief of the I.D.F. Housing Administration, and Eitan Levi, former deputy Chief of the I.D.F. Personnel Branch.

The Company offers its clients a professional, efficient and trustworthy team that accompany the clients for the entire duration of the project, including in the financial – economic field, the planning – engineering field, in the field of marketing, as well as in the field of customer relations.