Your future begins with the rich past of Ayala Agam in the real estate world.

The company's managers have extensive experience in establishing thousands of housing units for the IDF's residential administration and numerous residential projects throughout the country. Ayala Agam specializes in the organization and accompaniment of purchasing groups and construction association, while accompanying each group from the stage of locating the land until after delivery of the project.

2.8 billion NIS

1,000 Units
Tama 38

80,000 sqm
Commerce and offices

2,040 Units
Across the country

Over 30 projects
Housing and business

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TAMA 38 Projects


Business Terminal of Modiin, you are invited to connect Express Business with a new trading and office complex, Located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Apartment in harish

Agam Baharash, 4-5 room apartments and 6-room penthouses in 12 spectacular buildings in a high location, next to a green public area. More info *5313

The company was established in 2009, and since then has established a large number of residential projects totaling thousands of housing units throughout the country, including Modi'in, Kiryat Ono, Rosh Ha'ayin and Acre. The company's managers have experience in establishing thousands of residential units as part of the housing projects set up by the IDF's Residence Administration for the permanent staff and members of the defense establishment. The company is engaged in organizing and assisting purchasing groups and associations for construction, as well as initiating projects throughout the country.

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